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Starfire, return my shoes! (animated) by XPTZStudios

Excellent little loop you've got going on here! Nice use of depth with the positioning of both of the characters, the swoosh frames lin...

3D Toonips Office Suite v1.0 by CToon
by CToon

While I can only speak from an amateur perspective, I must say I rather enjoy the work put towards this model. Proportion: Aside from t...


Danielle Phantom By Mckaosu by 12Beast1212
Danielle Phantom By Mckaosu
I just got a commission from the great and powerful :iconmckaosu: ! The original background gradient kind of hurt my eyes though, SO I DID WHAT I DO and here we have this :3

Commission by: :iconmckaosu:
Background by: :iconmelting-milkyway: 

Edited by: Me

Link to original:…
I'm playing along with :iconfire-fox-sf: 's little pageant! Vote on your favorite contestant!

And here they are:

Contestant #1: Stacy Bust Colored by 12Beast1212 Stacy!

Contestant... #2... uhh... hmmm...

Well, this is embarrassing. I only have 1 OC?! What happened?! I HAD SO MANY DREAMS. Guess I never got around to them... OH WELL CAST YOUR VOTE ANYWAY THANKS BYE.


Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
List of coloring prices:

Free: Suggestions.

Find a piece you'd like to see colored? Suggest it in my comments section, I'll look it over. I make no promises on when or if it is colored. Suggestions can be accepted or declined by me without a word of warning or debate.


50- 200 points: Single character pieces.

Cheapest of the bunch. Prices vary based on quality of picture and complexity of the scene.


150 + ( how many characters) : Multiple character pieces.

This includes pictures with two or more characters. Takes a smidge more time to color, middle of the road prices. Prices vary based on number of characters, quality of picture, and complexity of the scene.………

500- 800 points: Comic pages

Oh how I always tend to underestimate comics, but in reality they tend to be very time consuming. These are the most expensive on the list. Prices vary based on number of pages, quality of picture, and complexity of the scene.



Alternate forms of payment: Art payments must be stated as such within the first inquiry message. Acceptance or denial will be decided by me and me alone, just as any other form of payment.


Quality examples:

High quality (Easier to color, low price) :

Low quality (harder to color, higher price) :…

Procedure for coloring process:

1. You send me a note with the art you want me to color.

2. I will reply with an acceptance note along with my price for coloring that piece.

3. Once payment has been agreed upon and sent, you will be put on my list.

4. Upon completion, I'll send a note telling you it's finished. Revisions and edits to the piece will be discussed at that time.



1. Nothing extreme in theme will be accepted. Nothing hateful or excessively violent towards anyone of actual existence.

2. X rated material can be colored, but only tame material. This means nothing rapey, or abusive in nature.

3. Racism and bigotry will not be tolerated.

4. While I have put these rules in place so that people can their colors on, I have the right to accept or deny any suggestion without argument.

5. Payments that are sent out of term, either before I have accepted anything or sent even though they have been denied, will be returned to the owner.

6. Updates on progress of coloring will be given out at request of the client.


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